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Creative Senior Solutions is a twenty-first century Management, Development and Consulting firm, specializing in all aspects of the senior living industry. From mission/vision, development and management, marketing, IT solutions, workforce development, life enrichment and new model creation, to professional speaking and presentations, we combine our thirty years of expertise with innovative strategies, new technologies and newer thinking to help your company thrive in the twenty-first century.

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Between new technology, the Covid-19 pandemic, and Baby Boomers coming into the market, senior companies will have to change to stay relevant.  

We help new companies understand the senior living industry and its history, and provide guidance so you can create new models and thrive.

Through our Personalized Senior Living Program, many solutions for senior living are now possible for individuals, families and groups.

We can provide innovative and motivating talks to your organization or company.

Creative Senior Solutions is a twenty-first century senior living consulting, management, development and media company. We can help you create the future, because we know the past, live in the present world of senior living, and create new experiences for the future. We’ve been doing it for thirty years.


As the Baby Boomers start to enter into their senior living phase of life

senior living companies are going to have to re-imagine themselves to stay competitive in today and tomorrow’s senior living world. 

plan & build

Expert guidance utilizing thirty years of success in the senior living industry

new companies will have to understand the senior living industry and its history to create new models and approaches. We use our experience to help guide new and growing businesses to thrive with innovative senior living models.


Individuals and friends can now create their own enjoyable plan

Individuals and friends can now create their own, small, senior living community. We can guide you to make your own senior living ideas come true for you, and your friends or family, with our Personalized Senior Living Program.

Creative Senior Solutions has created:

University-based Senior Communities

We created and developed one of the first University based, life-long learning programs for assisted living called, University Living. 

Physician-owned Community

We created a unique, physician-owned assisted living and memory care community called, My Doctor’s INN. 

Rural Community Assisted Living

We created an assisted living which looked like a farm-house in a rural community with farm-like activities for seniors to enjoy.

Unique Memory Care Communities

We have created multi-level memory care communities with “lodges” for early and moderate and severe memory care 

Newly Built Properties

We have built several properties from the ground up, from $2 million to $18 million dollar projects.

Renovated (Value-added) Properties

We have renovated multiple existing senior living and foreclosed properties into beautiful properties for half the price of a new build.


Personalized Senior Living Program

We draw on our thirty years of experience as an owner, operator, developer and thought leader in the fields of assisted living, memory care and nursing communities in over fifteen different communities – to create the situation exactly right for you.

Explore traditional senior living

We help you to examine what is best for you – whether it is staying at home, moving to independent living, assisted living, memory care, or a nursing care setting. We are experts in this field and can guide you to the exact place that is right for you.

Create your own living situation

There are several ways to structure your ideal living arrangement if you wish to stay in your home, such as: bringing another person into your home to share expenses; move together with a few friends; bring a home care provider to live in; or something else – we can help you make your dream happen!


Senior Living

Dynamic musical and educational program

Creative Senior Solutions founder, Dean Solden blends his expertise in senior living with his life-long career as a professional musician, composer and producer to create a motivational presentation that will not only get your company thinking in new ways, but will be entertaining as well. 

New strategies for a changing world

With our world changing at an unprecedented rate with technology, the Covid-19 pandemic, and with Baby Boomers coming into the market, businesses will need to innovate in order to stay relevant. Creative Senior Solutions can provide those solutions. 


Speaking and Presentations

Creative Senior Solutions President Dean Solden is a unique individual, in that he is both a professional senior living owner, operator, developer, thought leader and a professional musician and entertainer, having performed around the world.  He has combined these two passions to create a most unique musical keynote and motivational speaker presentation program. He can help motivate your company or organization to propel yourself in the new and coming world we live in. 


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